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Asheville Snow Removal

Helpful Tips For Snow Removal In Asheville, NC

These Tips Will Make Snow Removal In Asheville, NC A Much Easier Task

While Asheville, NC is a pleasant place to live for most of the year, winters in Asheville can bring their fair share of snow. Heavy snow, combined with Asheville’s hilly terrain, can make for some difficult driving. Luckily, these helpful snow removal tips should make life easier for Asheville, NC residents. 

Always Keep Safety In Mind

  • Lift With Legs
  • Take Breaks If Necessary
  • Wear Boots With Good Traction

When shoveling snow on your Asheville, NC property, your first priority should be to stay safe. As you likely know, shoveling snow is backbreaking work that can cause major strain on your body. There are certain safety precautions that you should practice to minimize strain and avoid slip and fall injuries. When lifting snow with your shovel, be sure to bend at the knees and lift with your legs to avoid straining your back (this is good practice when lifting any heavy objects). Because snow shoveling can take such a toll on your body, you shouldn’t be afraid to take breaks when you are getting too tired. This is especially true if you have a large driveway. There is no need to “be a hero” and shovel everything at once. We also recommend that you wear heavy boots with good traction, to minimize the risk of slipping and falling on icy surfaces.

If shoveling your driveway proves to be too difficult a task, a snowblower can be a good alternative. Just make sure to inspect your snowblower before using it. You should also read all the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions that come with the snowblower. This is the best way to safely operate a snowblower. Whether you are using a snowblower or a shovel, you should move snow away from the foundation of your house. Allowing snow to build up near your home’s foundation can damage the foundation. This leads to unpleasant surprises for homeowners in Asheville each winter.

Shovel Frequently

We have all experienced those Asheville blizzards where the snow just doesn’t seem to stop falling. You Shovel your driveway or parking lot only to see the snow pile up again hours later. While this may be discouraging, we recommend that you shovel frequently. If you wait until the snow stops falling, you may be facing an insurmountable task. The more snow you let accumulate, the harder it will be to shovel the thick, heavy snow. On top of that, the snow will be more likely to stick to the ground and freeze. When this happens, you will have to scrape ice off your driveway as well–an extremely difficult task. Shovel often, but again, don’t be afraid to take breaks when need be. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Use A Quality Shovel

  • Heavy Plastic Or Aluminum Blade
  • Sturdy Handle
  • Bigger Is Not Always Better

For many Asheville, NC residents, shoveling snow is a much more difficult task than it needs to be. This is because too many Asheville residents buy cheap shovels, or use old shovels that are nearly broken. Using a quality snow shovel makes shoveling a much easier task. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to snow shovels is that bigger is not always better. Large shovels can sometimes make the pain and stiffness even worse. We recommend using an s-blade shovel for heavy snow accumulation and a c-blade shovel for lighter accumulation. Whichever blade you use, it should be made from heavy plastic or aluminum. It should also have a sturdy handle that can provide the necessary support. 

Removing Snow From A Roof

  • Be Wary Of Ice Buildup
  • Shovel Flat Roofs
  • Rake Pitched Roofs

A little snow on your roof is not necessarily harmful. In fact, snow can act as an insulator, helping you cut down on your winter heating bill. When the snow accumulates to several inches, however, it becomes a problem. All of that excess weight can strain the very structure of your house. Furthermore, ice can form in your gutters and on the edges of your roof. These “ice dams” cause water to pool on your roof when the snow starts to melt. This can cause water damage to your roof. It is important to clear your roof before it gets to this point.

While it may seem counterintuitive, we do not recommend clearing your roof completely. Scraping the roof clear can damage the shingles. We recommend leaving about 2 to 3 inches of snow on the roof. The method you use to clear off the excess snow will depend on the type of roof you have. For flat roofs, we recommend shoveling the snow off the roof. For pitched or sloped roofs, we recommend raking the snow off. Most hardware stores sell specialized snow rakes for this purpose.

If You Need Snow Removed From Your Place Of Business, Call A Snow Removal Company

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Safe

Heavy snow in Asheville, NC is a huge problem for local businesses. Snow can make it difficult for your employees to come to work, and for your customers to patronize your business in Asheville. If you want to get a jumpstart on snow removal at your business, we recommend calling a company that provides commercial snow removal in Asheville, NC. The YardFathers is one such company here in Asheville. The YardFathers provides such essential commercial snow removal services as snow plowing and shoveling, deicing treatments, anti-icing treatments, and 24/7 emergency commercial snow services. 

These services will make your commercial property safe for both your employees and your customers. Because The YardFathers offers fast and reliable commercial snow removal in Asheville, NC, your company will not be left out in the cold (no pun intended). 24/7 emergency snow removal in Asheville means that you can expect a snow removal technician to come out to your place of business at any time. Such service makes Asheville winters much more bearable.

Contact The YardFathers to receive your customized quote, today.