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The Unmatched Value of Outdoor Living Spaces

The great outdoors has really received a boost of appreciation, especially within the last year due to the  pandemic. For example, Millennials and Gen-X’rs are really taking a new admiration for attractive outdoor spaces, particularly within their homes. There has been a huge boost in interest and sales of outdoor furniture and other accessories in recent months among this younger generation. There are several factors involved that link to these younger generations desiring nice outdoor areas, from health benefits to just wanting homier spaces to entertain in. 

There has been ample research done in the last few months that has concluded that the majority of Millennials, GenX and their Baby Boomer parents and grandparents asked about their desire for nicer or new outdoor furniture reported substantially higher numbers than those asked in older generations. Millennials especially see an immense value in having comfortable and inviting outdoor patio spaces available at their homes, both for relaxing at and enjoying for themselves regularly as well as entertaining guests when that becomes more common again. 

There is no question that getting outside and being surrounded by nature and getting ample sunlight is incredible for our immune systems and overall health. This fact is a massive benefit of investing in a quality outdoor furniture setup. Since so many individuals around the world have been working and attending school from home, many have taken up the chance to get outside for some fresh air as much as possible. Comfortable patio areas are also ideal for these times when social distancing is still our reality, because they allow for a safe, open-air space. 

There are several fads that we will see in the year of 2021, especially within the millennial age group and having days with pleasant weather just ahead of us. Some of these trends will include:

  • Outdoor Entertainment

According to Wakefield Research, more than half of the Millennials questioned said that they were planning to buy new pieces of outdoor furniture for entertainment purposes. And it wouldn’t be entertaining without some food and drink so outdoor kitchens are on the rise too. 

  • Outdoor Furniture Upgrades

Most of the individuals asked claimed that they were unhappy with their current outdoor living situation and would like to take the steps necessary to improve it, whether that is by purchasing new furniture or making renovations. This stat goes across all generations looking to spend more time outdoors. 

  • Non-Traditional Outdoor Living Pieces

More Millennials stated that they were interested in buying more nontraditional pieces for their outdoor quarters, such as sectional sofas and throw pillows, pergola’s and plunge pools to create a more inviting and cozy space to entertain their friends at. 

  • Increasing Home Value

It was shown that 43% of Millennials and 31% of Boomers are not only more apt to update their outdoor areas solely for the appeal, but also for the supplemental value that a nicer, more attractive space will add to the value of their home.

  • Big Makeovers 

When it comes to having a pleasant outdoor patio space, most have a great idea of what will enhance the space the most. Additions such as new patio areas, firepits, outdoor lighting, and dining are now all commonly desired items for an optimal outdoor section.

  • Utilization over Appearance

While we all want outdoor areas that are attractive, the functionality of the space has shown to be of the utmost importance among Americans. Having a patio that can be fully utilized as well as practical allows for people to relish in this space at a much higher level. And there’s a boom in outdoor office space…it looks like it’s here to stay too, as more and more Americans are working from home, and enjoy it. 

  • Somewhere to Unwind

Since it has become the norm to spend so much time at home, the large majority of American citizens wish for their outdoor areas to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Having a welcoming patio makes it much more likely for people to actually take advantage of the region and do things like cook and entertain. 

A pleasant, tranquil, and inviting outdoor living space is such a phenomenal thing to have and enjoy, especially in today’s environment. People are seeing the value more than ever in enhancing and making the most out of any available space they may have, especially outdoors. Not much can beat a quiet morning with coffee on the patio or an evening of unwinding in front of a firepit with your favorite beverage and people.