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A Helpful Guide to Retaining Walls and Steps in Asheville

A Helpful Guide To Retaining Walls And Steps In Asheville

Retaining walls and steps can be game-changers for your property in Asheville, NC. The YardFathers have been installing retaining walls and steps in Asheville, NC for years. There are many reasons that Asheville, NC residents love retaining walls and steps. We will highlight some of those reasons below. We will help you make the right decisions when purchasing retaining walls and steps in Asheville, NC.

Purposes Of Retaining Walls In Asheville, NC

  • Structural Support
  • Erosion Prevention
  • Aesthetics

Retaining walls benefit Asheville properties in many ways. For one, retaining walls provide necessary structural support. Retaining walls can hold up a building or hillside, for instance. This can save you from huge headaches as a homeowner. For a retaining wall to provide this support, it needs to be installed correctly. That is why you should contact The YardFathers for retaining wall installation in Asheville, NC. Retaining walls also do a great job of preventing erosion. In addition to preventing erosion, retaining walls also help control flooding on your property. Retaining walls in Asheville, NC are the ideal longterm solution for erosion and flood control. Again, the retaining wall has to be installed correctly for it to serve this purpose effectively.

Retaining walls in Asheville, NC can also provide a new functional space for your yard. This is another reason that retaining walls are so popular. Given the hilly terrain in the Ashville area, most Asheville residents deal with yard slope to some degree. This means that, while you may own a large plot of land, the sloping may render much of that land unusable. A retaining wall will add usable land to your property in Asheville, NC. A retaining wall will also add aesthetic value to your property. A retaining wall will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Purposes Of Steps In Asheville, NC

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Resale Value

Steps are also a popular choice for homeowners in Asheville, due to the area’s mountainous terrain. Steps make it easier and much more convenient to walk up slopes. Steps also make it much safer to walk around on your property, especially during the winter. Wet or icy grass poses a risk for slip and fall injuries, especially when that wet or icy grass is on a slope. By walking on steps in Asheville, NC, you will reduce your risk of slipping and falling. Steps also add significant resale value to your home in Asheville. 

Installing Steps On Your Property In Asheville

Installing steps on your Asheville, NC property is not necessarily an easy task. For one, you have to make sure that the steps are evenly spaced. You also have to make sure that the steps are embedded deep enough into the ground that they do not come loose easily. At the same time, the steps should not be embedded too deeply, as this might cause them to be covered up with dirt and grass. Since this is such a painstaking task, you should hire the services of a step installation company such as YardFathers. You will be glad that you did. Doing so will spare you the backbreaking labor of installing steps on your property, while also ensuring that the steps are installed correctly. 

Materials For Retaining Walls And Steps

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Concrete Block

When it comes time to build retaining walls and steps in Asheville, NC, there are many materials that you can choose from. Wood, stone, and concrete are all popular materials for retaining walls. Wood is an affordable option for retaining walls, but it does not last as long as stone or concrete, given wood’s tendency to rot. That is why we recommend either concrete block or stone retaining walls in Asheville, NC. Both of these materials are strong, sturdy, and durable, but stone is recommended for homeowners who want their retaining wall to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Keep in mind, however, that for your retaining wall to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, it needs to be installed correctly.

You can also build steps out of several different materials. We recommend building steps out of stone, as opposed to wood/timber, for many of the reasons mentioned above. Stone steps will look better, and they will last longer. Again, you will want to hire an Asheville landscaping company (like The YardFathers) that has years of experience installing steps in Asheville, NC.

What To Do After Your Retaining Wall Has Been Installed

  • Build A Patio
  • Build A Garden/Planting Bed
  • Build A Driveway

As we mentioned before, a retaining wall can add usable space to your property. The question is, what do you do with that extra usable space? The answer will depend on your vision for your yard. If you want additional space for relaxing and enjoying the Asheville outdoors, you may want to build a patio on the additional space. If you are thinking of building a patio, call a certified Asheville landscaper. If you are hoping to grow flowers and/or fresh produce on your property, you may want to dig out space for a garden/planting bed. This is a popular choice for homeowners in Asheville, NC. A retaining wall even allows you to install a driveway, or expand your existing one.

What To Look For In An Asheville Retaining Wall And Step Company

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Certified

As we have mentioned several times before, you should not attempt to build a retaining wall or steps on your property without professional help. So what should you look for in a retaining wall/step company in Asheville? You will want to work with a reliable company that has established a reputation in Asheville for showing up on time and getting the job done right. You also want to work with a local company that has established a reputation for providing affordable services (this project should not break the bank). Finally, you will want to work with a company that is certified by such institutions as the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) and the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). The YardFathers meets all the above criteria.