Residential Landscape Lighting

Sunset shouldn’t stop your property from looking its best. Let YardFathers help you discover your property’s true brilliance. 

The YardFathers is here, and ready to add beauty and dimension to your established landscape. As a trusted subsidiary of The YardFathers, we are an established and experienced resource in outdoor lighting. In fact, we are Asheville’s most dependable exterior illumination design team. 

Did you know The National Association of Homebuilders reported 40% of homebuyers listed landscape lighting as “essential” in 2018?

Landscape Lighting doesn’t simply add ambience; it adds practicality and makes your space exceedingly useful on those beautiful Western Carolina evenings. We’ll showcase your organic flowerbeds, bushes,  gardens, and more. From tree uplighting to walkway downlights, Asheville Nightscapes will design a lighting plan to cultivate your dream’s eventide escape.

Hardscape & Masonry Lighting

Your Hardscaped Space Should Be Accessible at All Hours.

If you’ve spent time, energy, and hard-earned money on your beautiful outdoor hardscape, don’t you deserve to use your mountain oasis whenever your heart desires? Not only should your stairs and walkway be beautiful; but they should keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe.

Greet your dinner guests with the warm ambiance of a well-lit entrance. Entertain until the wee-hours with strategically illuminated stones. Let Asheville Nightscapes do more than maximize your space. We can cultivate an atmosphere you never knew existed.

Underwater Lighting

Is your pond or waterfall missing the pizzazz you’ve been looking for?

The sound of water soothes the soul. Shouldn’t the sight of water do the same? Asheville Nightscapes is here to deliver the glitz, stimulating all five senses in your blue ridge haven. Submersible Lighting creates a glitter effect, bouncing from reflective pools to shimmery rocks. It’s time to make your backyard water feature sparkle.

To design a flawless water lighting effect, we believe in blending natural moonlighting illusions (through the use of downlights) with submersible lighting. While underwater lighting creates a dancing visual effect, downlights—properly aligned from nearby trees— help produce naturally diffused lighting elements that only enhance underwater fixtures.

Architectural Lighting

Are you ready to enhance the architectural features of your home or business?

Whether illuminating your modern farmhouse, or boosting the distinctiveness of your french country estate, Asheville Nightscapes understands design, and how to best magnify the grandeur of your property. With the perfect blend of art and technology we can create an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically functional design.

Your home or business can exude brilliance with the help of outdoor lighting. Showcasing the intricacies of your elaborate stone entry, or the character of your turret, Asheville Nightscapes will make your property shine. Utilizing a comprehensive strategy and prioritizing the width, height, depth, texture, and the facade of your structure, we will create the flawless WOW factor you’ve been looking for. Get ready to dazzle your guests and become the envy of all your neighbors. Call Asheville Nightscapes for to discuss your options, today.

Deck, Patio & Walkway Lighting

Embellish your outdoor space while keeping your friends and family safe.

Dozens of dazzling, twinkling lights highlighting your walkways, patio, decking, and stairs aren’t just for beauty. These lighting fixtures are necessary for your visitor’s and family’s safety in the twilight hours. How safe do you feel navigating the stairs from your back deck after dusk? If you’ve noticed your limited lighting fixture doesn’t quite capture the right angles in the evening, you know it’s time for additional outdoor lighting. 

Asheville Nightscapes will create a warm, illuminated path for your guests to travel on. We will clearly outline the edges of your deck and patio to alleviate the worries of ‘missed steps.’ Your beautiful outdoor space doesn’t need to become a danger zone after dark. Asheville Nightscapes will bathe your evening hideaway in a romantic ambiance fit for royalty, all while ensuring safe footing with functional, LED fixtures to keep your oasis as impervious as possible.

Spotlight and Flood Lighting

Landscape spotlights are commonly referred to as ‘up-lighting.’ These spots of light are used to shine narrow beams upwards, showcasing ornamental features of your home, plants, trees, and more. 

Flood Lighting (or Security Lighting) is important for maintaining visibility and safety in specific areas of your home—such as your driveway or parking area. However, the ultra-bright illumination of flood lighting, shining down from the corners of your property can make the exterior of your home look more like a guarded prison than a comfy safe haven. And while that might be ideal for warding away burglars, it doesn’t emulate the loveliness or charm you desire.

Merging the warm aura of spotlights with the bright, safe illumination of flood lighting will keep your property visible while preventing your exterior from being too visually bright and cold. A blend of the two will keep safety as the priority, while maintaining a welcoming appearance.

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