Patio Pavers & Installation

Custom Patio Pavers & Installation

Why Choose Patio Pavers?

Asheville, North Carolina is a nature lover’s paradise. Natural beauty is everywhere here, and the primary reason so many are attracted to the area. Why not make your outdoor space the most functioning area of your home? It is—after all—why you love this town.

There are many ways to create a luxurious and purposeful outdoor space, but at The YardFathers, our first choice is to create a custom living area with the use of custom pavers. Why? The interlocking system of pavers create a uniquely sound and durable base for your garden oasis. As the ground settles and moves beneath the patio pavers, the interlocking system provides a malleable and flexible structure that doesn’t crack over time (unlike concrete products). In addition, the pavers provide unrivaled beauty with simple upkeep.

Select From a Vast Variety of Custom Paver Options

At The YardFathers, we are a trusted partner of America’s top-rated paver vendors, such as Belgard®, Techo-Bloc, and Unilock.

We carefully chose these providers due to their outstanding warranty and limitless pattern options. Whether you’re looking for old-world charm or a contemporary flair, our YardFathers Team provides a vast array of paver options to suit your style. From traditional cobble pavers to contemporary modular pavers, we know precisely how to design and build your outdoor dream. And as a trusted and authorized contractor, you can trust it will be built to last.

The YardFathers Team has years of training & experience.

Trained by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), we are certified as a concrete paver installer for the best brands in America.

Natural Stonework

Another beautiful material to update your landscape with is natural stone. Natural stone is an organic material that can be used for walls, patios, steps, walkways, rock gardens, boulder placements, and much more. From flagstone to 2 ton boulders natural stone can enhance any area dramatically. The cost of using this material varies depending on size and type of application. Stone can sometimes be a cheaper option though for a permanent structure stone can also be on the higher end because of machine and labor costs. That being said, the maintenance and durability will always outweigh other materials. The initial cost may be higher, but in the end, this organic material can save you thousands of dollars.

Paver Driveway Installation

Are you ready for your home entrance to make a bold statement? A paver driveway is just what you’ve been looking for. Installing a masterfully crafted driveway can seem like an intimidating project. But, with an experienced and certified hardscape team, you can sit back and let the magic begin.

You’ll need to check a few extra boxes to make sure you select the right paver products and vendor(s) when installing a paver driveway. There are many factors that go into ensuring a paver system will last several lifetimes. Most of the time, these factors are the things you don’t see, like proper grading, thorough compaction, and high-quality pavers to sustain the weight of your vehicles over time.

At The YardFathers, we understand the devil is in the details.

We utilize first-class equipment and tools to ensure your paver driveway can weather time and the elements.

We build structures for a lifetime by focusing on the specifics you can’t always see, like:

• Constructing a deep base (6-10” for driveways and residential parking lots)
• Ensuring your driveway is properly backfilled with gravel (to essentially eliminate settling)
• Methodically compacting the base (preventing uneven pavers)
• Using proper bedding sand for installation (keeping your pavers properly in place)
• and more

The YardFathers Team has years of training & experience.

Trained by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), we are certified as a concrete paver installer for the best brands in America.