Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit

Installation of Warmth & Comfort

Choosing an Outdoor Fireplace or an Outdoor Fire Pit Design Plan

When it comes to your landscape design, much of your plan will be drawn around the amount of space you have available, and where you want the focus of your backyard paradise to be. While an outdoor fireplace and fire pit may sound similar, they are vastly different when it comes to construction, layout, and cost. Important usability factors and desired experience will also play a big part in deciding which fire feature will suit your home the best.

An OUTDOOR FIREPLACE might be best if you’re looking to make an architectural statement.

An OUTDOOR FIRE PIT may suit your needs better if you have a limited space, or prefer an interactive gathering space.

Premier paver patio installation including: new fence installation, thorough outdoor lighting, wrap-around outdoor seating, and more, in Asheville, NC

Why add an outdoor fire feature?

Did you know enhancing your backyard space is about more than simply adding additional gathering space? Sometimes, it’s also good to know that your preferences can actually enhance your home value. Extending your outdoor oasis with a fireplace of fire pit can has been proven to increase your home’s value by 15-40% (according to HGTV). 

Are you ready design your dream gathering space? Let’s discuss the details of your outdoor fireplace or fire pit, today.

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