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Enhance the Coziness of Your Backyard: Installing an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Are you ready to enhance the cozy-factor to your backyard oasis? Fall is all about welcoming the comforts of the season here in Asheville, North Carolina. But it’s more than just the burning warmth of the fire that soothes you. These days it’s simply the welcoming act of gathering – experiencing intimacy around something not screen-based. So, let The YardFathers help you and your loved ones turn off the TV, computers, and tablets, and get ready to enjoy some togetherness in the chilly autumn air.

Why Add an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit to your home in Asheville, NC?

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are about more than a warm fire and children eating s’mores. In fact, creating an outdoor oasis with a centralized gathering area has been known to add to your homes value. Editor of HGTV, Jessica Yonkers, has been credited for stating an outdoor fire pit or fireplace can add 15-40% to a home’s value. When you’re looking to set your home apart from others in the neighborhood, a dedicated backyard oasis can do just that, by adding:

  • Curb Appeal An outdoor fire is nothing if not a welcoming ambiance.
  • Comfort What’s more comforting than a warm fire, to either a future buyer or visitor?
  • MarketabilityA secret weapon in catching a Zillow-scroller, or guest’s attention.



What’s the Difference Between an Outdoor Fire Pit and Fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is a statuesque structure that tends to draw the eye. It’s a statement piece that seems to scream ambiance. It pairs well with a pergola, covered porch, or pavilion, and offers design freedom when choosing unique and customizable furniture.

An outdoor fire pit is an immovable, centralized focal point within your outdoor entertaining area. Most of the time when building an outdoor fire pit, The YardFathers will design a permanent seating area surrounding the pit to create an inclusive, interactive, and homestyle atmosphere.

An Outdoor Fireplace VS an Outdoor Fire Pit – Differences Between the Two

In comparing your options, it’s best to determine how you’d like to use your backyard feature. What experience and atmosphere would you like to create? At The YardFathers, we’re happy to discuss all your possibilities; but, most importantly, we’ll help you narrow down what matters most to you.

In our initial on-site consultation, we’ll discuss important landscape design factors such as:

  • Would you rather sit in front of a fire? Or would you rather gather around it?
  • Would you like an architectural statement on your property? Or would you prefer a more interactive space?
  • Are we limited on space – would it be best to have a fire zone on the edge of your outdoor area?
  • Are we building an additional area around the fire zone – such as a pavilion or pergola?
  • Are you looking for long-term dedicated seating? Or would you prefer furniture that can be changed periodically?

If you’re looking for an interactive experience, a fire pit feature may be best. If you need an architectural delight that takes up less space on your patio, a custom fireplace might better suit your needs. However, it’s never an “either/or” scenario. In fact, The YardFathers can customize an outdoor living area that incorporates your most important objectives.

Would you like to see some of The YardFathers fireplace and fire pit installations? Visit our portfolio, HERE.

Are you ready for to start the landscape design process and build your backyard fire feature? Let’s schedule your consultation.