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Water Walls: Fall into a Calm State of Mind

If you close your eyes and think about a place that relaxes you, a place where all of the stress would just melt away, chances are that you’re close to water. There’s a reason that so many of us find respite laying on the beach listening to the waves or reading a book next to a babbling brook. “These slow, whooshing noises are the sounds of non-threats, which is why they work to calm people,” said Orfeu Buxton, an associate professor of biobehavioral health at Pennsylvania State University. “It’s like they’re saying: ‘Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry.’” Yes, Water Walls have that effect on the mind.

It’s no surprise, then, that one of the keys to creating a relaxing backyard oasis is incorporating a water feature such as a Water Wall. And, when it comes to the calming sound of water, nothing beats a water wall. “Waterwalls are a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space. The optics and the soothing sound of water falling can transform any ordinary outdoor space into an extraordinary oasis,” shared Sean Andrews of Sean Andrews Design.

There are many different styles of water walls, making it easy to find a design that will complement your aesthetic and help you unwind. For those who enjoy a backyard paradise that mimics the natural world, walls can be built of natural stone or rocks. They can blend seamlessly into an existing barrier wall or create a striking impression when flanked by lush landscaping, evoking a waterfall in the wild.

Modern aesthetics are complemented by sleek water walls fashioned out of metal or glass. A flat concrete wall can become a showstopping piece of art with the edition of water sources at different heights, especially when the installation is brought indoors.

These beautiful installations are more than just pretty pieces to look at, however. Both the material and the water pressure can create a symphony of different sounds that you can customize. Heavily textured natural stone at varying depths paired with a slow-moving trickle might bring you back to the shore of a mountain stream, while a smooth surface and higher pressure can create a solid, arching waterfall that can have an invigorating effect, stimulating creativity.

No matter your aesthetic, the proven calming quality of the sight and sound of falling water will enhance not only your outdoor living space, but your state of mind. Please give us a call if you are interested in your own customized WaterWall