Outdoor Water Features

For the Ultra Zen Experience

Enhance Your Landscape with a Soothing Water Feature

Incorporating a waterscape, such as a water wall, backyard pond, or waterfall into your landscaped area might be the cherry on top in completing your Zen garden. Did you know the soothing sounds of water is proven to *trigger a flood of neurochemicals which:

• promote wellness,
• increase blood flow to the heart and brain,
• and stimulate relaxation.

* According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5842016/

Types of Water Features to Stimulate Relaxation:

In everything outdoor living related, options are limitless. Creating your ideal, tranquil space may be based on the style of your landscape, or the amount of upkeep you’d like to manage. While there are many water features available, these are the primary options we incorporate into our landscape designs:

  • Water Wallseasily incorporated into existing landscape features like retaining walls, with flexibility in height, sounds, and materials.
  • Water Fountains—Simple assembly, with minimal electrical hookups, and sometimes no necessary plumbing. A wide variety of aesthetics and styles available.
  • Waterfalls—Designed to be the focal point of the space. Waterfalls are custom, and created with an existing or artificial slope on the property. While beautiful and unique, this option typically requires excavation, rock placement, and extensive electric and plumbing hook-ups. 
  • Ponds—Typically incorporated into a waterfall, ponds are elaborate, colorful, and beautiful. Host koi fish, and Lilli pads to your heart’s content.

Are you ready to design a water feature that will “knock your socks off?”

Step outside the box. Let The YardFathers design a water feature that wows and stimulates your senses. 

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