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Asheville Outdoor Lighting for Beauty and Safety

Asheville’s great weather makes outdoor living something special for much of the year. For most of us, much of our spare time and best chance to relax is after the sun goes down. Enter, outdoor lighting, or sometimes referred to as Landscape Lighting. Outdoor and Landscape lighting around your home and in your backyard can extend that precious time, and the usable spaces in and around your home that allow you to savor beautiful nights in WNC. 

When selecting outdoor lighting for your home and landscaping, the ultimate goal is to create a warm and glow but nothing too intense – that glow is sometimes referred to as the moonlight effect. The moonlight effect describes the use of outdoor lighting to illuminate outdoor spaces naturally, with lovely shadows and rich highlights. And if done properly, adds a great deal of safety too. 

Lighting your outdoor spaces in a way that makes them look like they have been kissed by the light of the moon creates an inviting and more functional outdoor space on any home. And will literally make the space appear much bigger than if not lighted property. This is not about sticking a few spotlights in the backyard and calling it a day. This approach is much more focused on how the lighting design and function can work together. 

Use Outdoor Lighting in Asheville to Enhance Beauty, Function and Safety. 

There are plenty of opportunities within your outdoor spaces to construct a lovely glow while providing directional lighting too. For example, placing lights underneath your steps ensures that you and your guests will be able to climb the steps to your home safely. However, they also subtly introduce the front of your house through illumination – it is an understated way to call attention to your home’s entrance or architectural features. And it’s proven over and over to deter unwanted intruders too. 

A similar approach can be used to add lighting to your gardens and walkways in the backyard, or outdoor living areas. The landscape lighting will not only do illuminate walking paths and your beautiful landscaping, but the style that you choose can speak to the style and overall design of your exteriors. This can add depth, beauty and functionality for your outdoor living area. 

Using Warm Landscape Lighting Here in WNC

There are many different lighting colors, tones and finishes to choose from…so it’s not unheard of for homeowners to become overwhelmed while choosing the right one. Skip the drama and stick to warms tones in an attractive white light color, and have it installed by a pro who can illuminate foliage, and even subtle architectural feathers. 

Much like planning the lighting inside your home, we strategically place your lighting so that it Is useful and calls attention to the most striking characteristics of your home’s exterior. Remember, there are three levels to exterior lighting: safety, accent, and security. When done properly, outdoor lighting will accomplish all of those elements. 

Switch up the Fixtures

To address each exterior lighting level, it is essential to vary your use of outdoor lighting fixtures, and use quality products like brass which are typically guaranteed for life. Different forms of illumination, such as spotlights, uplights, downlights, step lights, post lights, hardscape lights and bollards all serve different functions, which is why it is crucial to mix up the selection according to your goals. And then there is the lights that can wash a wall or roof with soft but striking beautiful affects. Using these strategically within your outdoor spaces not only calls attention to your home’s beauty but also provides functional light for entertaining guests outside. 

Landscape Lighting is a Great Way to Extend Your Precious Time Outdoors

Exterior lighting is a fantastic way to revitalize and add design to your outdoor living space. It enhances the overall look and curb appeal of your home while increasing the safety of your property too (bad guys don’t like light). With a well-lit yard and outdoor living areas, you can help deter a trespasser and thieves while ensuring that no one slips or falls while on your property. We know how to design an outdoor lighting plan to combine safety and beautiful decorative outdoor lighting. Give our Outdoor Lighting Designer Mark a call for a Free Consultation at 828-490-0361 or email him at