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Hardscaping in Asheville, NC

Hardscaping In Asheville, NC

Check Out These Asheville Hardscaping Enhancements

“Hardscaping” refers to the enhancements that you make to your landscape. These enhancements take your landscape from scenic to absolutely gorgeous. Most contractors in Asheville do not offer hardscaping as a stand-alone project but in conjunction with other landscaping projects. If you are looking to hire a company like The YardFathers to do landscaping work on your property, you might want to ask them what hardscaping services they are can provide. An experienced landscaping company will have several wonderful ideas for enhancements to your outdoor space. Below are some of the most popular enhancements in Asheville, NC. Hardscaping in Asheville, NC can take many forms.

Drip Irrigation In Asheville, NC

  • Water-Saving
  • Cost-Effective
  • Perfect For Gardens

If you are hiring an Asheville landscaping company like The YardFathers to enhance your green space, you should ask them about drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is an effective and money-saving way to water plants. With drip irrigation, water drips slowly into the soil. Water is released from pipes that are either directly above the soil or buried just beneath the surface. Doing so conserves water while also giving it easier access to the roots of your plants. With drip irrigation, evaporation is minimized. Many Asheville, NC homeowners are switching to drip irrigation systems.

Outdoor Furniture In Asheville, NC

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Couches

Are you thinking of hiring a landscaping company like YardFathers to build a deck or patio on your property? Don’t just leave that space empty: put some outdoor furniture on it. Outdoor furniture – including chairs, tables, and couches – is made to withstand the elements. Outdoor furniture allows you to bring the indoors, outdoors. This will allow you to use your outdoor space in many new ways. Dinner outside? Check. Sitting in comfortable chairs while chatting with friends? Check. Whiling away the hours on a comfortable outdoor couch? Check. Asheville has some uniquely amazing scenery and weather. Outdoor furniture helps you enjoy it. Hardscaping in Asheville, NC should include outdoor furniture.

Pergola Installation In Asheville

  • Shade
  • Comfort
  • Resale

Another hardscaping feature that you should consider is a pergola. A pergola is a wooden latticed structure that provides shade. People in Asheville, NC like to build pergolas over patios, sitting areas, and walkways. Pergolas provide you with much-needed shade when the Asheville sun gets to be a little too much. Installing a pergola the right way requires serious landscaping talent. That is why we recommend calling a certified landscaping contractor for this hardscaping service in Asheville, NC. Pergolas do more than just provide shade and comfort: they add resale value to your home as well. 

Edging In Asheville, NC

  • Concrete
  • Stone

A company that provides hardscaping in Asheville, NC should also provide edging services. Typically, you can choose between concrete and stone edging. Edging creates clean, distinct lines between different areas of your yard (such as between your grass and your flowerbed). Edging makes your yard more beautiful, while also keeping certain areas of your yard contained. Are you sick of mulch from your flowerbed scattering onto your grass? Concrete or stone edging is the solution. Because edging is difficult work that requires a steady hand, we recommend calling a professional landscaping company to do it. 

Concrete Countertops In Asheville

  • Sturdy
  • Eye-Catching
  • Easy To Clean

If you are working with an Asheville landscaping company to build your dream outdoor kitchen, you should consider concrete countertops as an enhancement. Concrete countertops in Asheville are sturdy and weather-resistant. Concrete countertops are also easy to clean, which is one of the reasons that so many Asheville homeowners prefer them. Concrete countertops are also eye-catching, adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor kitchen, and to your outdoor space as a whole. Concrete countertops should be part of your luxury outdoor kitchen.


  • Step
  • Pool Deck
  • Retaining Wall

Coping is a stone feature that typically covers the top of a wall. Coping is often used on retaining walls and pool decks. Coping can also be used on steps. Coping makes walls sturdier and more aesthetically appealing. This is another specialized hardscaping project that an Asheville contractor can provide. If you are looking for stone coping in Asheville, NC, call The YardFathers and see what options are available. Coping will add a touch of elegance and stateliness to your property in Asheville. This is another popular hardscaping service here in Asheville. 

Fencing In Asheville, NC

  • Installation
  • Design

Another popular hardscaping service here in Asheville is fencing. A landscape contractor can both design and install a fence on your property. A fence will enhance your Asheville property in many ways. Firstly, a fence will prevent your children and pets from running out of your yard and into a dangerous situation. A fence will also provide some much-needed privacy for you and your family. Finally, a sturdy fence can help keep you, your family (including pets), and your belongings secure. Because they are so useful, fences add resale value when it comes time to sell your home.

If you are looking to design and install a fence on your property in Asheville, do not attempt this task yourself. It may be tempting to watch some online videos and try to figure it out, but unfortunately, it is not that easy. Fences are difficult to design and just as difficult to install. If the fence is installed incorrectly, it will likely need repaired or even replaced. Better to do everything right the first time. A landscaper who is willing to provide hardscaping in Asheville, NC can handle the difficult design and installation work for you.

Other Asheville Hardscaping Installations

The above list includes some of the most popular options for hardscaping in Asheville, NC, but there are certainly other hardscaping options available. Ask your Asheville landscaping contractor what other enhancements would be perfect for your yard. An experienced company like The YardFathers will be able to recommend other fixtures and installations that will take your outdoor space to the next level. Contact your landscaper for more details.