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Outdoor Space is More Valuable Than Ever Before

90% of Americans find their outdoor living space is more valuable post-COVID.

Not far away, in High Point, North Carolina—International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA) conducted a study. While we’ve known for decades of the physical and mental benefits of spending time in nature; we’re newly discovering the importance of outdoor living space in a post-Covid world. But in 2021, the ICFA found that 78% of homeowners made outside upgrades during COVID-19, to take full advantage of their decks, porches, and patios. This newly prioritizes the importance of private, outdoor living space, when looking for a new home.

So, when thinking thorough smart enhancements in your most important asset (your home), or how to improve future resale, it’s important to consider your very valuable, outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Features that Boost Home Value

When it comes to your return on investment, it’s important to know what matters, and what doesn’t when it comes to future home buyers. And, according to industry experts like Homes & Gardens, there are some key items that certainly add value as long as key elements aren’t taken “overboard.”

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen, and extending your usable culinary space to the great outdoors, is a no-brainer when it comes to ROI. However, it’s important to remember that functionality is most important when making an outdoor kitchen a true asset. That means, that even though maxing out your design budget on a custom, wood-burning pizza oven might seem like a definite “yes,” your future potential buyer will be more attentive to flow and practicality instead of fancy amenities.

When it comes to earning an estimated 100% to 200% ROI on an outdoor kitchen, a great design is going to be key. At The YardFathers, we understand great design and user-friendly layouts. We know the priorities to focus on: a big counter space for easy cooking, and a design that centers around what you’ll use most—your grill.

Create an Outdoor Patio

A well-built and functional patio can add 10%+ to your total home value. With personal gathering space viewed as a vital need in post-Covid culture, it’s a safe bet that future homebuyers find more value in a home with usable, outdoor gathering space. Well landscaped paver patios require less lawn maintenance, which dually boosts value. In fact, a backyard terrace that adjoins (virtually extending) the family room has shown an increased home value by an estimated 12.4%.

Construct an Outdoor Fire Pit

Contrary to popular belief, a fire pit is not a hole in the ground. So, don’t dig a pit, toss in some sticks, and believe it’ll lead to a significant home value increase. In Asheville, North Carolina, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is viewed as extremely important, as opposed to areas across the US where four seasons aren’t present.

In Western North Carolina, an outdoor fire feature means you’ll extend the life of your outdoor space into spring and fall evenings, with a warm, inviting ambiance. And as Jessica Yonker of HGTV said, incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor living space can add anywhere from 15-40% to your home’s value.

Cover Your Backyard Patio

Adding a pergola or extending roof overhang for enhanced privacy and shade is an easy opportunity to boost your home’s value with minimal monetary investment. With more folks spending time at home over the previous two years, privacy in one’s backyard has become a priority. At The YardFathers, we can design and fit a pergola perfectly over your existing or new, outdoor living area.

In addition, as a licensed North Carolina nursery & landscape contractor, we can incorporate perfectly placed plants and climbing vines to ultimately shade and provide a fragrant and welcoming environment in your cozy hideaway.

Are you ready to enhance your backyard space, with a long-term ROI? Let’s talk about your landscape design.