Paver Patio Restoration


Unlike some cleaning services, we are highly experienced paver-installers.  We understand and know the importance of each piece involved in interlocking paving systems.  Because of this we understand which products to use and how to apply them correctly.  Our passion is building and maintaining a beautiful space for our clients to enjoy.  We want to make sure that enjoyment lasts a lifetime.

Steam Cleaning

We use hot water around 220 degrees and cleaning agents that are specifically for pavers or stone.  We can remove dirt, calcium, oil, rust, weeds, mold, efflorescence and many more stains.

Filling Joints

Different materials and applications require different joint fill.  We use premium polymeric sand for all non-permeable paver and quality #9 gravel for any permeable pavers.  Jointing sand will improve paver stability and bind pavers together.  No more weeds, ants or any kind of pests.


A sealer will stabilize, strengthen, and protect you pavers.  We use only quality sealers that will enhance the colors in your pavers and make maintenance ease from the moment they’re applied.  The correct sealer applied by a qualified professional can extend the life of your pavers and save you money and time. 


Along with restoring your pavers back to life we also know the correct procedure of installation and how repair any damages or installations done incorrectly.  With our knowledge and experience you can trust that we will leave your space in a condition that feels new.


The Basic

All you need to get your pavers "back on track"
Starting at $ 1
Per Square Foot
  • Deep Steam Clean
  • Stain, Weed & Mold Removal
  • Touching Up Jointing Sand
  • Applying Sealer
  • Replacing Joint Sand
  • Replacing and Repairing Pavers
  • Repairing or Replacing Edge Restraint

The Premier

Make your outdoor space feel like it's newly installed.
Starting at $ 3
Per Square Foot
  • Deep Steam Clean
  • Stain, Weed & Mold Removal
  • Old Jointing Sand Removal
  • Jointing Sand Replacement
  • Applying Sealer
  • Replacing and Repairing Pavers
  • Repairing and Replacing Edge Restraint
Best Value