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Landscapes and Hardscapes ROI

How Much of an ROI Can Landscapes and Hardscapes Give You Asheville, NC

Professional landscaping not only boosts your home’s value and generates a higher return on investment (ROI), it can also transform your outdoor space into a rejuvenating sanctuary to enhance your overall lifestyle. If you’re considering adding professional landscaping to your Asheville property, you’ll be glad to know the area is home to a variety of native plants and trees that can accentuate your home’s features and curb appeal. 

ROI on Landscaping 

Most homeowners spend between $1,784 and $3,168 per landscaping project. According to the pros, there’s a great chance homeowners will make their money back in the form of home equity. 

Landscape economist John Harris was quoted in a article as saying landscaping can contribute to 28% of your home’s overall value. Considering how important curb appeal is to the average home buyer, it’s not surprising that a well-landscaped lawn is a valuable (and marketable) feature.

The median list price of homes in Asheville is currently around $350,000. That means for a $350,000 home, roughly $9,800 of that value is likely tied to the home’s landscaping and exterior features. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and it should definitely make you think twice about putting off your property’s landscaping needs.

The Staying Power of Great Landscaping

Ever notice how “mature landscaping” is often cited as a beneficial feature in real estate listings? That’s because real estate agents know that well-established natural areas and sophisticated landscape designs add value to a property.

Proper landscaping requires knowledge of the environment. In Western North Carolina, good landscaping needs to be versatile yet hearty–able to withstand the changing of all four seasons. Unlike home decor and interior design trends that frequently fall out of fashion, well-planned landscaping and attractive outdoor design can improve your home’s value year after year after year, no matter what type of climate you have. The right plants will grow fuller and more robust over time, while trees and shrubs will mature with the years. 

Landscaped Property Sells for More

Many people want to own property that has an established natural area–but they don’t necessarily want a lawn that’s cluttered or overgrown. That’s why it’s important to not just have a bunch of mature plants and trees–the landscaping (the design, planning, and implementation of certain plants and other outdoor features) is what truly boosts a home’s value. Here are some estimated ROI statistics you might find interesting:

Fire pits/fireplaces – 75%
Outdoor Lighting – 67% 
Outdoor/Patio seating/dining areas – 64% 
Outdoor furniture – 63% 
Planters, sculptures, garden accessories – 56% 
Grills – 54% 
Counter space – 50% 
Stereo systems – 40% 

But don’t take the plunge

What’s not to love about a refreshing and luxurious pool? Well, for one there’s the dismal return on investment if you want to take the plunge. 

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, for every dollar you spend on a pool you will recoup only 39 cents on the dollar. Still, all that said, if you’re dying for a pool, you can’t put a price on all that splashy fun, so consider it an investment for your soul rather than your future equity.

The Benefit of Outdoor Living Space

Hardscapes are outdoor design features that are generally permanent and made of hard materials such as stone, brick, concrete, or marble. An outdoor stone fireplace or elegant marble patio are just a few examples of hardscapes. While they add to the aesthetic and resale value, hardscapes can also benefit your property by providing the following benefits:

  • Erosion prevention
  • Improving safety and privacy
  • Allows for creative use of space

Hardscapes and Home Enjoyment

A report from the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals discovered that hardscapes add resale value to a home as well as improve a homeowner’s enjoyment of the property while they are living in it. So, whether it be for personal enjoyment, ROI, or both, investing in hardscape design for your home is a win-win. Just be sure you work with a reputable company with a proven record of customer satisfaction and professional outdoor design experience. 

Landscape Contractors Near Me

If you’re thinking of incorporating some professional landscaping design or hardscape elements to your property, connect with a company you can trust. 

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