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4 Benefits of Adding a Retaining Wall to Your Home

Retaining walls are outdoor wall structures designed to retain the soil behind it, protecting the property from erosion and unwanted shifts in the landscape. Although retaining walls serve a utilitarian function, they can be constructed to complement and enhance the aesthetic of any property, boosting curb appeal and overall market value. 

Other benefits of adding a retaining wall to your property include protecting the surrounding environment from flooding and increasing outdoor space. 

Preventing Erosion & Flooding

Erosion can happen in areas where the land is not completely flat. Rain, wind, and other environmental factors can all contribute to the soil becoming loose and eroding. This can be a frustrating and costly problem for property owners. Adding a retaining wall keeps soil from being disturbed and prevents floodwater from gathering.

Improves Aesthetic

Retaining walls don’t have to be boring. In fact, a skilled hardscape designer can create a visually stunning retaining wall to complement your home or business’s overall aesthetic. Retaining walls can be constructed of stone, concrete, or a variety of other materials, giving you the ability to create a custom look for your property. 

Boosts Market Value

In addition to boosting your property’s curb appeal and structural integrity, a well-designed retaining wall can deliver a great return-on-investment. According to a study conducted by, for every dollar spent upgrading or improving outdoor space, you could add $.60-$2 to your overall property value.

Increases Space

If your property has multiple hills and steep inclines, adding retaining walls could help maximize your outdoor space. Retaining walls can help flatten out a hilly landscape, allowing you to have more space for garden beds, an outdoor kitchen, pool, or other exterior design features.

More Information on Retaining Walls in Asheville

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