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Not Enough Space for a Pool? Plunge into Pint-Sized Relaxation

Whether your backyard feels more like a postage stamp than a full-blown oasis or there’s simply not enough room for soccer nets, a swing set, a vegetable garden and a pool in your haven, you don’t need to write off your dream of having a pool for good. Enter a sexy and relaxing plunge pool. 

What is a Plunge Pool?

Plunge pools are small pools that are designed to be eye candy, with relaxation in mind. Petite enough to fit in even the smallest of spaces, or in many cases large spaces too, these pools are prevalent in densely populated cities or towns, like the Florida Keys, and have become increasingly popular as a luxurious suite amenity in boutique hotels and spas around the world. Now they are becoming very popular in backyards across the world, including Asheville backyards! 

Plunge pools can come in any size or shape but are typically between 8’x 8’ and 8 x’16-ish and are predominantly rectangular to maximize small spaces. Depths range from four to six feet, depending on whether you’re looking for a cool place to lounge or a source of exercise. Many even put tanning ledges on board. 

Are Tiny Cocktails Pools Worth It?

Plunge pools may be tiny in size, but they’re still able to deliver big when it comes to relaxation. Many plunge pools include seating, making them the ideal spot to cool off with a cocktail on hot summer days. Their small size also means they they’re easy to shade, whether by modern, architectural cloth sails or classic, coastal umbrellas. You can take relaxation to a new level by including spa jets to soothe tired muscles.

While plunge pools are primarily used for leisure, they can be equipped with swim jets to provide a current, allowing you to swim against the resistance in the smaller space, and offer plenty of room for low-impact water exercise, like water aerobics. 

There are many advantages to having a smaller pool, too. They’re easier to care for and less expensive to heat if you’d like to enjoy your pool in cooler months. 

Form Versus Function

Plunge pools are certainly functional, but they can also bring high style to the smallest of backyard spaces. For a modern aesthetic, straight, clean lines instantly evoke a mid-century vibe, or choose a nature-inspired shape and accent the perimeter with rock and overgrown landscaping for a romantic tropical oasis. The design options don’t end with the shape and materials, either. For a real showstopper, incorporate a waterfall element, which instantly adds a sense of calm with the sound of flowing water.

Whether you’re looking for a place to float your worries away, need to incorporate low-impact outdoor exercise into your routine, or a little of both, don’t be discouraged by a small space – enjoy all of the best elements of poolside living with a plunge pool.